What to see and where to dine in Belgrade

Hello and welcome to Belgrade, a city that will make you fall in love with it through great food and places to see!

Statue of the Victor, Kalemegdan

Looking forward seeing you at another WordCamp Belgrade (grab your tickets!) and, while you’re here, we putted a list of what to see and where to dine in Belgrade.

Republic Square and Knez Mihailova street
The Square is a popular meeting place, both for younger and older generations, it’s a great orientation point thanks to the Knez Mihailo’s monument.

Near by, there’s a Knez Mihailova street, main pedestrian and shopping street in Belgrade everyone should visit. Not only because of shopping mania, but because it’s filled with cute cafes and bars for daytime/nighttime hangout.

Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress is one of the main Belgrade’s landmarks and the greatest historical monument in Belgrade. Must see place, especially if you like seeing fantastic panorama view of the city, monuments (like the Victor), old citadel and to catch a glimpse of what Belgrade once used to look like, way back in the old days.

Bohemian quarter in the heart of the city and just a short walk from the city center and Knez Mihailova street. A place where you’ll feel like you stepped in the last century or so, it’s a street where you can eat well and have a great time.

National Parliament
Every city has it’s own story attached to Parliament buildings and it’s something that locals might tell you – do ask; in the meantime, it is a remarkable architecture building surrounded with beautiful parks and wide streets you can walk through and, also, it’s very close to the city center.

Saint Sava Temple
Can’t miss this one! It’s only the largest Serbian Ortodox church in the Balkans and one of the biggest churches in the world, which makes it a landmark you simply don’t wanna miss!

But, wait, the Saint Sava Temple isn’t only beautiful and breathtaking from the outside – just go inside and take the marble steps to the down floor where you’ll be amazed! Here, take a sneak peek:

Ada Ciganlija
Belgrade might not have the sea, but we sure don’t have shortage of rivers and places to enjoy by them. One of them is Ada Ciganlija, popular summer swimming place and an area we come to enjoy some outdoor sports, sunbathing, dinning and more 🙂

Great dining places and areas

Beside bohemian quarter Skadarlija and Ada, there are many great restaurants and cozy places you can hang out, have a good time and enjoy in great food and drink. We’ll name just a few of them and invite you to explore some more for yourself.

Of course, when we talk about Belgrade, the food is one of the top things that people want to try while staying here, which is why we recommend Manufactura restaurant. In here, you’ll get to enjoy in the authentic Balkan cuisine and great drinks, a true mix of Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Greek food – you’ll be surprised.

Beton Hala
Both modern, industrial type of landmark and a dinning/drinking area, Beton Hala is filled with great restaurants and bars that you can go visit during the day or in the evening. And, what’s great about this place – it’s right by the riverfront so you’ll get to enjoy the wonderful spirit of Belgrade. From national to Mexican and Japanese cuisine, Beton hala area will fulfill all your gastronomic needs.

Sweet bonus

And, for the treets, since we’re gonna have warm weather, we recommend you try Moritz Eis and Crna Ovca ice creams (hard to decide which one’s better), as well as Mandarina Cake shop and Fini sweets and pastry shop.