Mainstream is company operating 100% as private entity, completely dedicated to offer advanced IT services. We are specialized for Managed hosting, where we completely take over responsibility for maintaining client’s application or web site. Additionally, in product portfolio we offer Enterprise Cloud, service which represents next generation of solution for enterprise clients, providing reliable, fast, and secure IT infrastructure for startups or improvement of current businesses. Our key advantages are dedication to every single client, vast experience, and broad knowledge. Proving that point we can state that 11 out of 15 most visited Serbian websites are Mainstream clients.


For less demanding users who do not need managed hosting services and who, on the other hand, expect the highest quality, we have developed the mCloud platform allowing them to forget problems of insufficient resources, unreliable infrastructure and capacity, small print in contracts, tedious administrative procedure, etc. mCloud platform is an advanced and integrated cloud hosting solution fully automated allowing the user to activate his virtual server or any other service independently and use it in just 10 minutes time, at any time, without the assistance of our staff.

The platform has been developed on a highly accessible infrastructure, which is a significantly more advanced solution compared to traditional options, first of all, concerning redundancy, flexibility, and stability, as well as SLA guarantees, also brings significant savings allowing the user to use as much resources as needed at a certain point of time, simply making adjustments to meet your needs. It is an unmanaged service and the user gets full access to the leased resources and can operate them independently, and if he needs assistance, our technical expert support will be at his disposal.