Belgrade Survival Handbook

Welcome to Belgrade! The city of lights, culture, entertainment, great people, tasty food, and fantastic drinks awaits you 🙂

Before we see you at the WordCamp, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with finding your way around Belgrade and that you have a basic survival kit with you. 21st-century basic survival kit – the internet 😀

At the airport

You’ve just landed. Hurray! Before you get to the hotel, make sure to exchange a bit of your cash for the Serbian currency – dinar (RSD). The exchange rate varies but these days, €1 is worth approximately 123 RSD. Make sure to check the current currency exchange rate!

You’ll find a couple of exchange offices at the very airport in Belgrade.

Next stop – let’s get you to the hotel!

Get a Transportation to the Hotel

You’ve got two options here – bus or taxi (there’s also a third option but it’s only available if you have a friend in Belgrade who has a car 😀 ).


You can take a bus number 72 which stops directly in front of the main entrance to the airport. This bus will drive you to Zeleni venac which is near the city center. From there, you’re connected to every part of Belgrade.

Pro tip: Make sure you have Moveit and apps installed on your phone. They will make your life so much easier 😉

The bus ticket costs 150 RSD if you buy it from the bus driver or 89 RSD at a kiosk.


Before you exit the airport, you’ll see a booth where you can order a taxi. Tell them the address you want to get to and you’ll receive a piece of paper with your desired location on it. When you exit the airport, just take the first taxi in line, and give the paper to the driver. Relax and enjoy the view 🙂

Note: The price depends on which part of the city you are headed to. If you’d head to the venue directly from the airport, the price would be 1800 RSD.

Are you talking to me?

All taxi drivers in Belgrade are super friendly.

Get Data

You are in a foreign country and one thing that you’d really like to have is, of course – data. Let’s get that covered!

You can get a sim card with 500MB of data starting from 300 RSD. There are a couple of different mobile internet providers in Serbia and we included them here. Pick one nearest to you with the package that suits you best:

Now What

Before the WordCamp starts, you still have time to explore Belgrade a bit. Yes, you should! In our next article, we’ll focus on places and things that shouldn’t be missed when you are in Belgrade! Stay tuned 🙂

Spoiler alert: You’ll also learn the best places to get food and drinks in town. Cheers 🍷

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